So it is more than two years later. A blog about death that died in the pandemic! So meta, much irony, wow. And zombie meme too! Much has happened in […]

Dying, Doulas, and Denial

This is a long post, unsurprising to anyone familiar with my posts. Please bear with me, lots to unpack here. Information on jobs working in death, including information on Death […]

Rethinking Comfort Measures

We talk a lot about comfort measures in end of life care. After discussing the futility of further treatments, conversation moves to those measures intended to give the very best […]

Chronic Pain vs the Opioid Crisis

Lots of stuff in the news about the very real problem with opioids being diverted into the community and about them being prescribed irresponsibly in the first place. Doctors feel […]


While a living will or advanced directive is a document that expresses your wishes for medical care, it is NOT a medical order. It may include (and should include) a […]