About me

I’m a hospice and palliative specialty certified nurse with a bachelors degree. I worked in for-profit hospice, not-for-profit hospice, homecare and family medicine. I was certified as an instructor for the CHPN (Certified Hospice and Palliative Nurse) certification as well as holding that certification. All this is in past tense now. I got sick – viral infection that took out my entire vestibular system and left me unable to walk, chronically nauseated, with constant imbalance and vertigo. No cure. Just one of those things life tosses at you, and with the pretty common fallout of losing my home, most of my possessions and all my savings as a result.  This life experience has extensively broadened my understanding of the struggles faced by others, and given me a lot of insights into the struggles my patients dealt with as they faced the progressive losses of a terminal disease.

All that said, I tend to be less than serious and often profane. I am very death positive in the sense that I am positive we are all gonna die. So better to have given it at least as much thought as which Hogwarts House you should be sorted into, no?

*Also you get +10 geek bonus points if you chortled at my domain name. +100 if you know where I stole it!